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A book of my first professional blog "Squires Scribbles" from my job at KWWL in Dubuque, IA

I’ve done it again!  I’ve decided I’m going to start blogging again.  Part of me says it’s a great chance to document the things that are happening in life.  Another part of me feels like it’s a chance to have a creative outlet, when I feel like I have no where else to get it out. I’ll post everything from wedding preparations, to story reflects and everything in between.  Obviously keeping it professional, while giving you a glimpse into this woman.  It turns out there is a whole different side of me…that doesn’t get shared enough.

I’ve had several blogs through out life.  I think the first ever blog was hosted by  I was in middle school and used it to write about my friends.  I complained a lot and wrote about things most middle schoolers deal with.  You know, boys, dating, drama and probably some self-esteem issues.  A few months ago I signed in the Xanga account and laughed at most of my posts.  A lot of them were hopeful for the future and constantly ended with some sort of optimistic thought about life.

My second blog was in college, I started writing one at the end of my last year at Loras. It’s primary focus was on the trip to Washington D.C. to see Pope Benedict’s first visit to the United States.  I was very grateful, spoke a lot of my Catholic faith and the life lessons I was learning.  Just recently, after signing into WordPress, I found a post I put up the night before my first ever TV job interview.  It was in Evansville, Indiana.  I was nervous, hopeful and had no idea where live would lead me.  In fact, I ended up getting offered the job.  But I didn’t take it.

Which leads me to my third blog, Squires Scribbles.  It was affiliated with my first on-air TV job at KWWL.   I was to write about my adventures as a reporter in the Dubuque Bureau.  I was young and eager.  The first six months I posted a blog almost everyday.  I was so observant and very optimistic about my career choice.  I was constantly feeling inspired and always wanted to share something with the world. But the funny thing is, you can see when things started to change a bit.  I stopped blogging as often when I met Scott (my fiance).  It’s funny because then I started blogging about him and our adventures.  I’d continue to incorporate extras about stories I’d shot and things I had experience in Dubuque.  Then I got engaged and moved to Omaha.  As a birthday present Scott got my entire KWWL blog printed in a book (see photo above).  It truly was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten. And the other day I was looking through it, thinking about how much I missed sharing memories and writing in a blog.  Because it’s not really about who reads it.  I mean afterall…who says I have anything valuable to say.  But what I love most about it, is it captures thoughts, moments and memories in a way that video and pictures can’t.

And so I have decided to start the fourth blog of my life.  This one will likely evolve.  In fact, I’m not even sure about the name just yet.  We’ll see what I can come up with over time.

So enjoy the journey with me…comment and read as much as you want.  But mostly, let this be a chance for me to capture some memorable moments in this precious time in life.