State Fair Food…And Other Attractions

Nothing says Iowa State Fair like fried food on a stick.  This weekend, after a day at Lake Panorama, we took a spspontaneous trip to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair.  I’ve been there so many years and I’m amazed how each year I find something new or different.  This years big attraction was the bacon corn dog, dipped in maple syrup.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the patience to wait in line for such thing so we moved on to other items.

This year we got cheese curds, a huge bowl of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered bacon on a stick. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. But it was all so good I didn’t need to eat a real big dinner.

I think one of my favorite parts this year was the photography entries on display.  I haven’t ever taken a walk through that building but I was amazed at all the talented photographers we have in this state.  I got a lot of good ideas too.


One other attraction this year that we spent a lot of time at was the Iowa Craft Beer Tent.  Locally brewed beers were featured and tastes were had.  I can’t say I had a favorite, as there were several great options.  But I was amazed to see how many breweries we have in Iowa.  We spent almost an hour at the tent, tasting, comparing and taking note to what we liked best.  It’s a new addition that seemed to be getting a lot of attention.

Of course there will be a video posted about our adventures.  Scott and I continue to test out our new camera, Canon Rebel T4i.  None the less I was reminded that the State Fair is worth every penny.  It’s fun and it’s a great tradition.

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