Joy All Around…At Mass


This past Sunday Scott and I went to mass at Sacred Heart Parish in North Omaha.  We went with a couple of our friends.  Some of them Catholic, others just looking for a fulfilling Sunday worship. 

We’d never been to this parish but had heard so much about the mass and it’s parishioners.  And the moment we stepped inside we realized what everyone is talking about.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen so much joy in so many people at a mass.  Kids were singing, participating in worship and smiling.  Adults were singing and participating in worship and I have never felt so welcomed then I did on Sunday.

It got my thinking, I get that not everyone likes the clapping and loud masses.  In fact, sometimes it’s important to have a quiet mass and to make sure to be prayerful.  Sometimes masses can turn into a concert and be less about worship and Eucharist.  But this parish has it figured out.  If every parish had as much joy and participation as this one, it’d be amazing what our Church could do. 

Yes, it’s important to keep the Eucharistic Prayer reverent and holy.  And I understand that it’s not easy to get up and go to mass each weekend. It’s not always going to be an amazing worship experience or an enlightening experience because like life, not journey is only full of happy, joyous and happy times. BUT we can learn a lot from a parish like this. We can be reminded to find joy in all the masses.  To participate to the fullest every time we come.  We can be reminded to welcome even the “least” of us into God’s house.  We can be reminded not to cast judgement onto others but instead pray with them and pray for conversion of hearts.

You see, Sunday’s mass at Sacred Heart reminded me that our Church is full of diversity and full of joy.  But in that, we are united, in the Eucharist.  As I’ve said many times.

This Sunday and every Sunday, let us try to find joy in ever word spoken, sung and prayed. 

And as we go through our week, let us find joy in all we do. 

Because after all, JOY IS ALL AROUND US…