Endings and New Beginnings: 2013 is the new 2012

Well, it’s been a year.  And quite a year it’s been.  I’ve never been one to embrace the “New Year’s Eve” celebration, in fact it’s never really turned out to be as “epic” as I’d hoped.  This year both Scott and I came down with a stomach virus. We weren’t feeling all that well.  By Monday night, we’d been through the worst of it and managed to drag ourselves out of the house for a midnight drink with friends.  NewYearsEve

In all, I’d say 2012 was a pretty memorable year.  I mean it’s pretty hard to top getting married to your best friend. It was definitely the most memorable part of 2012.  Scott and I often look back on that day and think about how lucky we were to have so many wonderful people gathered in one place.  I sometimes wish I could go back in time and watch the day from the back of the church and reception hall.  Everyone always says that the day flies by and it’s over before you know it.  And I’d have to agree.  It flies by so fast and then it’s over.  But what an amazing day it was.

In addition to our wedding, 2012 was packed with a lot of memories.  I’m currently working on a video recap but let me recap the months for you in photo form.


January: I participated in Dancing With The Omaha Stars.  It was a truly wonderful event.  I enjoyed learning a dance (something that I still haven’t mastered) and raising money for a good cause.  I learned a lot from the experience.  A lot about humility and hard work.  I learned that some people don’t have the heart or understanding when it comes to doing something for a cause, instead of trying to win it all.  It was a competition, but that’s not why I participated.  It took a lot for me to get up in front of a room full or strangers and dance.  I’ve never been coordinated and I’ve never been good at dancing.  Trust me when I say, that hasn’t changed.  But what I got out of the experience certainly taught me a lot about hard work and understanding how natural talent comes to some of us, but hard work helps most of us achieve our goals.


February and March were busy wedding prep months.  Scott and I spend most of our time making lists, printing invites, designing programs going to marriage prep classes and opening gifts.  We were blessed with so many generous gifts from people on both sides of our families and friends.  It was fun to travel across the state and see how much support we had.  Perhaps what was even more crazy, is realizing how much of our time was spent doing wedding planning, after the wedding was over.


April was the big month.  First, the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, then two weeks later (still in the Easter season) we celebrated the sacrament of marriage.  As I said above, it was an amazing day. Everything about it was great.  But the most memorable moments happened during the mass. When we said our vows and when we distributed the Eucharist.  The sacrament of marriage is truly an amazing and humbling sacrament and an opportunity to live out God’s plan for us as individuals and as a couple.  It’s now our mission to try to live holy lives, striving to grow in love of each other, God and others.  God is good, and we are grateful for his love and blessings.

DSC03587 Of course after a year-long preparation, we went on a lovely honeymoon to Jamaica.  It was a relaxing week. You can read more about that adventure on that blog.




May, June and July were adventurous.  We were always on the go.  First to Vegas to a bachelorette and bachelor party.  In June we traveled to Iowa twice for weddings.  And in July we visited my family in St. Louis (half way for both) for a Cardinals game.  We took full advantage of my Monday-Friday schedule and visited friends and family along the way.  It was a blast.











IMG_1456In August we had several visitors to Omaha and several trips to the Zoo.  Shannon also moved here.  She lived with us for two months…one month, then moved to an apartment that was broken into, and moved back in for another month while we found her a second apartment.  You can read about that experience in this blog.

DCIM100GOPROSeptember started football season and Scott and I spent a lot of time watching football.  Almost ever Friday night he joined me on the sidelines of local high school football games.  It was an odd date night for most couples but we enjoyed it.  And I think it was a fun season.  But we also watched plenty of Packer games and Iowa or ISU games too.  We even traveled to Ames and Iowa City for some games. This month was also a challenge.  My dad had open heart surgery on September 11th.  It was just a few months into our marriage and we were already dealing with some tough topics.  We got through it.  My dad is healthy and strong and I am so proud of my family.  It was certainly a curve ball we didn’t expect.  But I’m grateful I didn’t go through it alone.  We spent a week down in Memphis and a lot of time in the hospital.  My dad had a good sense of humor about it. And we all managed to use our faith to get through it.  You can read about a powerful experience we had in the hospital on this blog.


October’s big highlight was a trip to St. Louis.  My parents were supposed to meet us up in St. Louis but weren’t able to travel because of my dad’s surgery.  But it was a great Ready weekend.  We enjoyed watching a Packer win in a new stadium.  Now where will be go next year?


IMG_1930November was memorable for us spiritually.  I was the emcee and speaker at the Archdiocese of Dubuque Witness to Faith Conference.  For the first time, I got to talk about my job in TV and how my faith plays a role in what I do.  It was humbling to see God at work in me and in others.  I also emcee’d the high school youth rally the next day. Scott played a huge role in the success of that weekend.  We were really a team and it was fun to see how marriage can play out in the church so early.

IMG_2020December flew by.  We hosted an ugly sweater party and raised $260 for the Salvation Army to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.  It was great to see my friends and their generosity.  We also hosted the Squires family for Christmas.  And it was so fun to see the tables turning.  Our first married Christmas and so many more memories to come.  We finished off the year by traveling back to where it all began, Dubuque, where Scott’s family lives. We celebrate Christmas and spent some time with his parents and brothers.

In all, it was an amazing and memorable year.  Personally, I cannot think of a more joyous year.  I became a wife, I learned how to grow, I was challenge and WE built a foundation for years to come.  I am also really happy with the friends we’ve made here in Omaha. They truly are amazing and no matter where life takes us I know we will always stay in touch.

So what does this mean for 2013?  Well, there are a lot of things in store I’m sure.  But only time will tell what happens. A  lot is uncertain.  But one thing is for sure, God has blessed us abundantly and we will continue to move forward, make memories and have another great year!

Here’s to 2013.