When Disaster Strikes

Yesterday when I heard about the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma (a suburb of OKC) my first thought was “what can I do to help?” Then I thought about how important of a job journalists have when disaster strikes. No it’s nothing compared to emergency responders BUT it’s very important.

I immediately wanted to go to Moore and show people how they can help and tell stories that call them to action. I literally said those words to my husband last night. And then I put it in the back of my mind, until this morning, when I got a call from my boss. She said she had a crazy idea to send me to Moore with a photographer. We would follow around the people who are helping form the Mid-south and turn stories that show people how they can help.

It was as if someone heard me say that I had a desire to go and acted. Devine intervention if you ask me. No, I was not prepared. And yes, it was the fastest I’ve packed in a long time. I hope I have enough clothes to report. BUT non of that matters.

So as we head into the devastation tonight, I go in it with a clear idea of how important my job is this week. There isn’t much I can do to fix what happened. BUT I can show people what happened and show them how they can help. It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly and it’s an immense responsibility.

So I ask for your thoughts and prayers. Please think of us as we head into the area. Pray for the people we will meet and stories we will tell.

This is a time when what we do matters most. And this is a time that puts life in perspective. In a moment you can loose everything.

Stay tuned for updates on Twitter (@laurensquires) and Facebook (Lauren Squires TV). I will also post blog updates and photos from the scene.

Please think of these folks as you go throughout your week. They need our thoughts to get through this.


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