33 Days of Morning Glory And Other Things

It’s been awhile and for good reason.  Life has been busy. Since the move into our first home we haven’t really stopped.  At all.

But if there’s one thing you know about Scott and I, it’s that we’re always on the go. Always doing and going and seeing and in my case capturing.  It’s been a great summer for that.  We traveled up to Iowa for my best friend’s wedding.  We’ve seen Memphis and really started to feel connected.  In fact, it’s hard to believe we’ve really only been here, technically, 8 months.  Because it feels like a heck of a lot longer!

You can expect a video update of our summer adventures soon!  Trust me when I say we’ve captured it all!

I’m writing this update though, mostly to physically start a new.  Everything is going really. WE’ve found a faith community, friends that we’ve already developed deep relationships with, places to visit, good routine and for the most part a very productive and happy life here.

But I’ve been struggling a lot with stress and unhealthy habits lately.  Well really since I got here.  I give it my all at my job, or at least try, and sometimes it wears on me.  Then I take things too personally or get too worked up about things and carry it with me.  Add to that the fact that I have had horrible eating habits since we moved here and I’ve gains about 15-20 pounds.  NO, I am not proud of it, and quite frankly it’s wearing on me too. I feel horrible about myself and how bad I’ve let it get.

So, for the record here are some things I’m doing:

1. Following the FOUR AGREEMENTS, a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It’s a book of wisdom that challenges me to think differently EVERYDAY.  The four agreements are: Be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally (I suck at this one). don’t make assumptions and always do your best.

It argues that if you follow those four agreements everyday you’ll be happier, healthier and experience life more freely.  I’m striving to do this DAILY.  And on the days I succeed, I find myself feeling much better about everything.

2. I’m starting Nutrisystem.  I’m not one for diets in fact I’ve never been able to keep the weight off when I do them.  But I’ve reached a point where I’ve got to do something before it gets out of control.  I’ve purchased the meal plan that helps me plan out everyday, everything I eat and how much.  That’s what I need in my busy fast paced life, is a way to have everything planned for me.  The downside, I must eat everything I order and NOTHING else.  The upside, it should help me get to a manageable weight.

3. I’m going to try to give up beer for a while.  This will be hard but beer has a lot of carbs and I believe aside from my eating habits this is a major reason why I’m struggling with weight loss.  I love beer.  NO I’m not giving up drinking, I’m just going to find a drink that less carbs.  I love barcadi and diet.  SO I may switch to that or wine.

4. I started a self guided retreat with my mom and some folks at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. It’s called the 33 days of Morning Glory. It’s a bit of a spiritual challenge for me and I’ll be honest, so far I’m struggling.  But it gives a new fresh perspective on Mary and following her.  I think it will challenge me and hopefully allow me to dive deeper in my faith. The best part about it is that I’m doing it with my mom.  I’m her godparent and we have a special deep bond.  She told me the last time she pray specifically to Mary, was when they moved to Memphis and she had another cancer scare during a routine scan. She prayed a novena and it worked.

YES…this is a LOT all at once…but I am in need of a change.  I need to get balanced and find a way to not be so stressed.  The four items above will ALL lead me to greater things. Hopefully make me a better version of myself.

That being said, this week is a big week in the Squires-Ready household.  September 11th marks the one year anniversary of my dad’s triple bypass.  I still remember driving down to Memphis when we lived in Omaha.  Feeling so much uncertainty.  And turning to God so much.  When I was here I visited WMC and planted a seed about a possible job someday.  I didn’t expect someday to be January 2013.  But that’s how it worked out.  It’s crazy to think it’s been a year since his surgery and even more of a blessing to be sharing little moments with him everyday now that we are down here.

Much more ahead…much more great things.  In the meantime, I hope I haven’t rambled on too much and I hope I haven’t set expectations too high for myself.

Here’s to success…