Update On AJ the “I Am Blessed” Guy

GREAT NEWS UPDATE: Remember AJ? The homeless man I posted about a few weeks ago? The “I am blessed” man who reminded us of the importance of being grateful?


Well I have a good news update for you on his status. This comes from my friend Ellen with Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, who saw him on Wednesday: “I saw AJ again last night. He hasn’t been back out since the night that we first met him when this picture was taken. Last night he walked up to me in our small group as we were stopped with some other folks.

He said, ‘I haven’t been around here the past couple weeks to see you all, but you all have been in my thoughts and prayers. And I wanted to come find you guys tonight because I have some good news! I GOT A JOB!’ With a glowing smile, he went on to tell me that he was working as a security guard now, and he’s working on building back up his funds, getting bills caught up, and getting it all back together. He was so happy to share his news with us, because, as he said, ‘we helped him along on his journey.’ It was the best moment of my night.”

I couldn’t help but bring you this update, considering I shared the story with you in the first place. Thanks to all who kept him, and all those living on the streets, in their thoughts.

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