Reblog: Lent, Humility and a #Selfie

Last week I wrote a guest blog for the Memphis Young Adults of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. It’s something I do about once a month to help generate content for their website.

This particular blog was about Lent and humility. Here is an excerpt:

I am storytelling, it’s literally what I get paid to do.  So naturally, when I see or experience something worth sharing with others, that calls people to action, I share it.  For the most part the posts are uplifting or informative.  But when I share those stories, even my own, I think of Psalm 19:15 “Let the words of my mouth and the thought of my heart find favor before you.”

That verse is basically saying, let me remember what this is really all about. Let me remember to be humble in my thoughts, words and actions.  And let me recognize that there is a balance.

In the post I explain why I think it’s okay to post pictures and share your Lenten journey with your followers.  Feel free to read the entire post here. 

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