News car encounters 

One of the things I’m going to miss most about working in TV news is meeting such amazing people everyday. I always joke that when you drive around in this WMC Action News 5 billboard you get a lot of unsolicited visitors. They stop by and want to tell you a story, suggest a story idea and sometimes just talk. 

Today reminded why I love it: I had just eaten lunch at Caritas Village in Binghampton when I walked out to my logo’d car. A woman flagged me down and asked me if she could talk. She wanted to know if I ever did a story about a woman in her 50’s trying to get a job and struggling because she didn’t have computer skills. She told me she wants nothing but to work. She’s not ready to sit at home and not contribute to society or make a living. She started crying. She said she has years of retail experience but when she lost her bottom teeth she found it harder to get a job. 
As she wiped tears from her eyes I reminded her that she is worth more than she’ll ever know. That she has something to offer to this world. And that she is the only person who can control how she reacts to this struggle. 
Then she apologized for crying to me and said it was just hard to feel this way. I told her there was no need to apologize. Her struggles are real. And they remind me how important it is to recognize life’s little blessings; jobs, food on the table, transportation and family. 
I’m going to miss moments like these…Moments that never make the news…Stories that go untold. 
The opportunity to encounter people like her everyday just because I’m driving around a car with a news logo. 
But then I realized I can still have these encounters, perhaps in a less public way. We all can. 
My next challenge will be to seek these moments on my own, without the help of a TV station car. Truth is, these moments can happen everyday if we just take the time to notice people around us. 
#Onward #Upward 

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