Life Moves Fast

Yep, the title of this blog certainly describes our lives right now. It seems like just yesterday we moved to Memphis. Come to think of it, it was only January!! Since then we’ve had job changes, made new friends, explored the city and purchased a new home!

So in just about 6 months our lives have pretty much never stopped moving. I accepted the job in early January, in three weeks time I was down here beginning my work.

In May, Scott accepted a job at International Paper here in Memphis. So he made the transition back into the office. He’d previously been working from home for 18+ months. It is taking a bit of getting used to for both us. Him having a regular commute to work. Me not having someone home all the time. Yes, he worked while he was home, but it was very convenient to have him home. I also saw him a lot more.

But his job is going great! And he is enjoying being back in the office.

My job is going well, though it’s been busy and hasn’t seemed to slow down much at all! I’ve been a traveling machine. Started with the NCAA tournament, then the White House and finally Moore, Oklahoma after the tornado tore through. You can read about those experience in previous blogs.

It’s been an absolute blessing to be back in a station and job that I have a renewed passion for again! Seriously, I feel like God has put me exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Though I wonder what he has in store for Scott and I in the future, for the first time in a long time I TRUST that I’m in the right place, for the right reasons. Excited to see what doors are opened and where God calls me next.

We’ve also gotten involved in the Catholic Young Adult ministry here in Memphis. It’s been a great way to connect with fellow Catholics and I think it’s strengthened our faith together!

Not to bury the lead here but WE BOUGHT A CONDO. And move into our first home in a week. That’s super stressful but exciting. Closing and preparing to move again is a lot of work BUT we are exciting to call a place HOME and known that we’ll be there for awhile. It’s right off South Main Street in the arts district of downtown Memphis. A lot going on and a lot of walkable attractions. We also feel like we can expand in the condo. Yes, we can start our family. But not for awhile. Just nice to know we have a place. ūüôā

So there’s a quick Lauren and Scott update…life is moving fast. It’s crazy but it’s a fun adventure. And we’re not doing it alone.

Here’s to more of life! And more updates about our adventures in Memphis and beyond.

If I had a million dollars…or won Powerball

Tonight I did a story about the $250 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.¬† I was assigned the story pretty late in the day, after several other stories fell through.¬† And I’m not gonna lie, I was looking for a way to tell it creatively.¬† So we went down to the Old Market, I put a wireless microphone on and I walked around and asked people “What would you do with $250 million dollars.”¬† Surprisingly a lot of people hadn’t thought of it.¬† Or if they had, it was too hard to narrow down.¬† It was a mixed bag regarding whether to spend it on other people or on themselves.¬† Almost everyone immediately thought of one thing they could buy for themselves.

Which leads me to the purpose of this blog.¬† What would I do with $250 million dollars.¬† Well in short, I’d use it for myself and others.

First – I’d pay off my student loan debt from college.¬† I had an amazing experience at Loras College (including a study abroad for a semester in Ireland) but I didn’t really grasp how much money I had borrowed until I graduated and go the bill.¬† So I’d immediately pay it off.

Second – I put part of it in savings.¬† Now sure what format but I’m sure that Scott could help me figure out some good places to save and/or invest.

Third – Give some of it to my immediate family and Scott’s immediate family. Perhaps purchase a jet to fly to and from Memphis and other places so we could always be a few hours away from each other.¬† I hate being so far from my family.

Fourth – Travel to Haiti and donate some of the money to Louveture Cleary School in Port-au-Prince.¬† I had the opportunity to travel down there for a service trip in 2008 and it changed my life and world view forever.¬† When the earthquake hit, the school suffered a lot of damage.¬† Many of the children lost their homes and family members.¬† I’ve been trying to get back ever since.¬† I even held a fundraise these last two years that raised over $4000 for the school.

Fifth – I’d take Scott around the world¬† We’d visit all sorts of places and make sure to experience life and culture in each place.¬† I wouldn’t want to be a tourist.¬† Instead I’d want to be a storyteller.¬† I’d buy a professional camera and document it all.¬† We’d make a documentary about other cultures and what we can learn from them.

Sixth – I’d donate to breast cancer research.¬† I want nothing more than to find a cure for the disease that took my grandma’s life and has spread throughout my family.¬† My mom is an 8 year survivor and I know countless others who have been diagnosed with it and are still fighting.

Seventh – I’d give some money to a scholarship fund at Catholic Youth Camp to allow kids from around the area attend for FREE.¬† I believe in what they do at CYC and I’d love to be able to provide the opportunity for kids to experience God like they never have before.

FINALLY – I’d make sure to give back to the community.¬† Here in Omaha I’d give some money to the Open Door Mission.¬† I’d like it to allow kids there to experience some of the things I experienced when I was a kid.¬† Whether it’s summer camps or travel experiences.¬† Something that’s not just about education or survival but something about “being a kid”.

It’s hard to imagine what else I’d do with that kind of money.¬† I’d like to think it’d be a balance of giving and spending.¬† After all, there is a reason why people are blessed enough to win the lottery.¬† I supposed all we really can do is guess what we’d do.¬† I wonder if life would change much or if it would remain the same.¬† I wonder if people would treat me differently if they knew I won all that money.

All these questions come with the day-dream of what I’d do with the money.

Bottom line…I didn’t win and I won’t likely ever win.¬† But who said you can’t dream?

With that I ask you…what would you do with $250 million dollars?


PS – I’m sure I left something out…almost certain!