Ready Christmas Card


Our Christmas/News Years Card For 2013

Greetings from Memphis, TN!!

That’s where Lauren and Scott moved in January 2013. We say this every year but it’s been an incredible journey. Another year of big changes. We moved to Memphis, bought our first home and both have new jobs.

To start, the move to Memphis happened fast. We got a call on January 3rd, by the 6th we had accepted and by January 25th we were packed up and on our way to Memphis.

Lauren accepted a job at Action News 5, WMC-TV in Memphis. It’s the same station where she interned in 2007. It’s been a goal of hers to get back to Memphis and when the opportunity presented itself they couldn’t pass it up.

In her short time at Action News 5, Lauren has covered a lot of ground. Starting with a road trip to Michigan with the Memphis Tigers for the NCAA tournament. Then, a trip to the White House to cover a Memphis Soul Concert and several days in Moore, Oklahoma covering the tornado aftermath. In a few short months she’s quickly fallen into place as a member of the team and is now focusing on community interest stories and in-depth investigations.

Scott was able to keep the same job through the move, working from home for John Deere. After 18 months at home (12 in Omaha, 6 in Memphis) Scott got a little cabin fever and decided it was time to put away the slippers. He took a new job with International Paper in May. Scott is also preparing to go back to school to get his MBA. He has applied at Christian Brothers University and will start classes in Spring of 2014.

This summer they also bought their first home. It’s walking distance from the “world famous” Beale Street…hint hint. Visitors are welcome. It’s been fun exploring Memphis and making it home.

We’ve also gotten involved in the St. Peter’s Young Adult Group, Memphis Iowa Club, Catholic Young Adult Commission, a kickball league (see Christmas card for photo) and several service groups. One of those is the Urban Bike Food Ministry (hence the helmet photo on our card) They are a group of bicyclists that go out EVERY Wednesday night (rain or shine) and deliver food to the homeless people of Memphis. It’s been an eye opening experience for us both. We’ve also met some great people in the process.

It’s also been great being close to Lauren’s family. In fact, this year we all ran in the Race for the Cure together for the first time in several years. But we’ve also made a few trips back up the Midwest for weddings and Ready family events. Iowa is ALWAYS in our hearts.

Check out our 2013 RECAP VIDEO:

2013 was an amazing year. We are grateful that God has guided us through all the adventures. And can’t can’t wait to see where he leads us in 2014.

Wishing you and your family the best this year. Maybe a trip to Memphis is near?!?

Covering Snow…

I can’t believe I’m saying this…but this is one for the first snow storms, in a long time, that I haven’t been out in the elements covering it for work.  Today I woke up to a blanket of snow outside and a fiance to take to the airport.  Scott flew out to Germany today (as I type this he is in the air).  I found myself secretly praying that his flight would be delayed or cancelled but it wasn’t.  So we got him all ready and took him to the airport.

I feel ridiculous saying this, but it’s hard to say goodbye to him for a week.  Mostly because he’ll be gone in another country, with a different time zone and unable to reach instantly like here.  Yes, we’ll Skype (at midnight here and 7:00 am there) but it’s still hard. I guess you could say I’m looking forward to next Friday, when he arrives back in US soil!

Anyway, so the snow continued and I decided that even though I wasn’t working, I’d venture out into my neighborhood and shoot some video.  If Scott had been here he would have totally agreed and we’d likely have a movie posted of us sledding, skating or some other adventure. haha.

But here is the video:

I had fun shooting it and it reminded me that even though I’m not working, I can’t seem to escape from my world of capturing video. Truth is I love it…on my own time.

But I also couldn’t help but think of all my fellow TV people who were out and about in the storm today. They woke up early, braved the conditions and brought all of us the latest and most up-to-date information. It’s something I sometimes forget when I’m out covering it myself. Usually I’m focused on how cold I am, how fast I’d like to finish my story and when I’ll be in a warm location.

You see, weather is one of those assignments we’ve all done hundreds of times. We become cynical to the topic. “Lauren, do a story about the weather”, “Lauren let’s preview tomorrow’s storm”, “Lauren do a story on snow prep.” Yes! I’ve heard them all before. And to be honest, I usually roll my eyes. But when I come to my senses I realize that it’s my job to do those stories. Because people are watching to find out what’s happening. Even if, in fact, nothing is really happening. Take last night for example. No snow by 5:00 and 6:00 pm. But my story was about snow prep. That’s how it happens sometime. But when I woke up to snow this morning, I knew it was worth doing the story.

And so I sit behind this computer after a day of not covering the storm, not doing a story and not going LIVE in the elements. But I sit here with a bit of gratitude for those who did. Because I was reminded how important the job we have; tell people what’s happening…even if it’s nothing.

On that note, since I’m not working…I’m off to have an “Oscar nominated movie marathon”.

And please pray for Scott and his travels to Germany and Spain this week. Safe travels, productive work and happy trip home. 🙂